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The aim of this tarantula BLOG is to give an insight into how I decided to set up and look after a Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling.
The reason I chose this type of spider was the fact that it is easy to care for from what I had read on other sites and had a very small price tag.
These can be bought from many distributors in the UK. Check out the essential place to buy spider gear: The Spidermans Online shop :

This blog on the Chilean Rose has been going for quite a while and I'm still updating it so remember to give me feedback and come back again

Ben Maffin's Facebook Profile   Feel free to contact me on Facebook if you've got any questions about the Blog. It's always good to hear from people who have a genuine interest in spiders, especially the Chilean Rose. I've not updated the blog for a while, but the info still stands and I'm using the principles which I developed here to keep other spiders. A quick note when you contact me on facebook now, let me know you found me here as I've got a couple of different blogs! Looking forward to hearing from you!!  
07.12.2005 - Spider in the Post
Spiderlings have arrived (both my Chilean Rose and Curly Hair). They came today. Got delivered to the office and I made
sure there was someone there to collect them. The spiders were okay and looked healthy.
Curly Hair (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling in it's postal box   Curly Hair (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling in it's postal box open
The Spiderlings were well packed and kept safe within a couple of 35mm camera cartridges.
Curly Hair (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling new home
The base of the box is covered in (at the most) an inch of vermiculite. This is a 'mica' based mineral available in many garden centers.
I purchased mine at B&Q for 4 pounds UK. You get a very big bag for that price (at the very least 5 litres). Many spiders like to burrow and
make a little nest. Vermiculite is ideal for this. I have heard that sand is not meant to be used, though peat and vermiculite is a good idea.
This will all depend on where your spider is indigenous.
I then popped the camera cartridge into the box, teased off the lid, and gently pulled out the tissue. The Chilean Rose Spiderling was happily sitting on
the tissue paper. Previously I have removed the tissue paper in the bath incase the Spiderling escaped, but this time I was brave and
opened it in the kitchen. At first the spider was a slow to move, but a slight prod with my finger encouraged him to move.
The Spiderling when in the tank happily started to explore straight away and wandered about. It's about 10mm including it's legs - tiny!
08.12.2005 - feeding Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling
I acquired some 'pin head' crickets. These are possibly the smallest crickets I have ever seen. They are very small, and I had great difficulty
in getting them out the packet. In the end I used a small piece of paper and encouraged them onto it with my finger. I then popped them in
the tank with the curly hair Spiderling. I needed a couple of them as the relative size of the ferrero rocher box is like a football field. After a
couple of false attempts, the Spiderling finally got hold of one of the crickets and scurried off to eat it. I removed the remaining crickets.

On the photo below the marbled effect behind is the heat pad which is used to keep the spiders warm.

Chilean Rose Spiderling Grammostola Rosea in tank image UK
20.03.2006 - The Spiderling Diary Continues
It's been a while since I wrote in the BLOG - this is primarily because I thought I'd try a different approach to the diary this time as
recording everyday I feed them seems a little time consuming (especially when I have two Spiderlings and both are fed at the
same time)! You may find that the sister BLOG relating to the Curly Hair Spiderling has similar content. Bear with me on this
one and remember that there may be other people out there who need to look at the Curly Hair diary and not this one.
25.03.2006 - Food Stuff
The Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) seems to need to be fed approximately one to two times a week. This depends on the size of the cricket.
I have given him crickets the same size and he seems to have no problem with these though they do fight back more
than the smaller variety. I have been feeding my crickets on a mixture of butternut squash, and carrot. I tried feeding
them some bacon, but for some reason they didn't take to it like the last lot of crickets I had.
Chilean Rose Grammostola Rosea spiderling tarantula shedding skin shed images examples
26.03.2006 - Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spider Skins
Although I haven't got the dates written down the spider seems to shed it's skin every four to six weeks. Though this will
depend on how often it is fed. As a general rule they do not east a few days either side of molting and the crickets
should be removed if they have not been eaten within several hours. From my experience, if they spider is hungry it
will pursue the cricket with some ferocity. If it runs away the spider is either not very hungry or the cricket is too large for
it. The latter is usually only applicable to very small Spiderlings.
27.03.2006 - Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Interactivity
I have noticed a weird thing with the Chilean Rose Spiderling. When you blow on the top of his tank, he comes out
and sits on  the camera cartridge. If you blow again he moves about as though he's trying to find out what is
happening - sometimes fast and jumpy, sometimes slow. Continued blowing on the top of the lid the Spiderling puts
it's front legs on the roof and stays there. Further blowing the Spiderling actually goes upside down on the lid and
then has a tendency to fall off and then hide.
Close up picture of Chilean Rose Grammostola Rosea spiderling   You can get an idea of the size of Chilean Rose Grammostola Rosea spiderling by comparing it to the camera cartridge
28.03.2006 - Photogenic Chilean Rose Grammostola Rosea Spid
I managed to finally get some images of the spider last night after teasing it out by blowing on top of the tank. The spider
has grown considerably since she was delivered and is a lot more confident. Soon after I took these pictures she disappeared
into her house. I then fed her. It was a bit of a battle as the cricket was very jumpy and at one point jumped out the tank
and onto my hand - I was sure the spider was about to follow it. Luckily the cricket made the mistake of jumping back into
the tank and almost into the spiders jaws.

Like the Mexican Red Knee, the Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) does a little dance when the cricket is being eaten. Once again I think this
is as she lays down web ready to detect the next catch (you can see a thin layer of web on the camera cartridge in the
images above).

06.04.06 - Non Hungry Spids
Spiderling still not eating and not moving around much. When a cricket is placed in the tank she raises her front legs and shoos it
away then hides in the camera cartridge. Her colourings have turned darker and she is spinning a lot of silk recently (both on the floor
and even some of it attached from the lid of the tank to the camera cartridge!.
07.04.06 - Shedding Spiderling
I checked the Spiderling this morning and she was all white. Looks like she has shed her skin in the night though I couldn't really make out
where it was. She certainly looks bigger than before and no doubt quite hungry!
10.04.06 - Bigger Spider and New Home
As with my Curly Spiderling, the Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) is starting to grow in will soon need a new home. I'm not sure what
to do about this as I need a solution which will fit on my kitchen surface and allow the head pad to do it's work.
11.04.06 - Chilean Rose Spiderling
Fed Spiderling today. It was only a small cricket. I figured that because it was so soon after her shed I should make sure I used a cricket
which would not damage her if it started to kick (this is something crickets seem to do sometimes when in their final death throes).
As a general rule the Spiderlings stand on their tip toes when the crickets' kick, when they are really struggling they do the opposite
and pin the cricket to the floor using their thorax and the spread their legs and abdomen upwards to avoid damage. It's quite a sight and
I've only ever seen the Chilean Rose do it once with a very big cricket (in comparison to the size of her).
12.04.06 - Wandering Spiderling
As the Spiderlings grow, they seem to get more and more inquisitive. Wandering about and exploring their environment more and
more. Today when I opened the lid of the tank the Spiderling wandered up the side and onto my hand. She is getting very confident
and I have a feeling that soon she'll be on my hand. I'm not sure what I'm going to do if she decides to move very fast or bite me - I'm
worried about hurting her by dropping her or freaking out when she sinks her fangs into me. There is also the small possibility of me
being allergic to the venom which would put me into anaphylactic shock. Not ideal.

Still, I'm going to have to pick her up sooner or later and might as well start when she is small. If anyone has any advice about handling
spiders or Spiderlings (especially the Chilean Rose) please get in touch.

13.04.06 - Spiderling BLOG Updating
Well, it seems like I've gone against what I suggested I was going to do earlier and I'm keeping the BLOG fairly up to date. I think the
hardest thing is to get started, especially with Spiderlings which can spend a great deal of their time either stationary or hiding. They're
also difficult to photograph when they are very small (as they run and hide at the first sign of danger). The Chilean Rose is even
more active than usual  and I think it wants to escape from its house. It still sits on top of its camera cartridge and puts its legs on
the roof - especially when there is a noise. I am making the assumption that their feet are very sensitive and can pick up all sorts of
vibrations not only from their webs but also from other objects.
Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling on camera cartridge   Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling note the hairs and enhanced colours
As you can see in the new photographs the Spiderling is growing and the colours are becoming more pronounced. Note also the hair
increase on the legs. The Chilean Rose has also been spinning more web on the top of the camera cartridge.
26.04.06 - Chilean Rose Spiderling Feeds Again
I've tried feeding the spider a couple of times over the last week but it has not been interested. Last night I decided to have another go
with a small cricket which kindly went and hid. It took several minutes to appear and when it did the spider finally had some food.

I had to move the Spiderling this morning as the builders were in. It's currently in my bedroom (still in tank).

28.04.05 - Moving Again
Spiderling has spent a great deal of time in his camera cartridge since he was moved rooms because of the builder coming in. I think it's
colder on the floor than in the kitchen where he currently resides. I'll be moving him back soon.
01.05.06 - Hungry Spiderling
I fed the Chilean Rose today. At first the Spiderling hid when I opened the tank and then the cricket moved and the Spiderling shot out of it's
hidey hole and got the cricket. The Grammostola Rosea out of all the Spiderlings I have had seems to move the most.

If anyone who is undecided about a Spiderling and is wondering which breed to get, so far I don't think you can go far wrong with one of these
little fellas. She is always doing something to keep your attention. Be it scuttling about, weaving a web, or feeding. It's even fairly amusing when
she tries to attach herself to the roof and then falls off! Luckily I don't think she has hurt herself yet.

It is certainly very curious and will regularly wander about and investigate objects in it's home. If you run your finger across the tank (e.g. from left to
right) slowly the Spiderling will come and have a 'feel' (I say feel as I assume it is feeling the vibrations with it's feet). It will then follow
your finger along. It will sometimes do it quite a lot, backwards and forwards.

The Spiderling still goes mad when you blow on the top of the tank. It's the most bizarre thing to watch. I've still not held it yet though.
I think the thought of damaging her is what's putting me off the most. There's quite a fall off the kitchen work surface where she
lives and I know she can move very fast. How would I catch her if she escaped? The being bitten aspect isn't ideal, but I think it's not too bad.

Chilean Rose Spiderling hiding in tank   Grammostola Rosea Chilean Rose on top of Hidy Hole
04.05.06 - The Wandering Hungry Spiderling
Spiderling has been wandering about at lunch time when I had a look at her. She seems to notice the change in light and comes out to see what's
going on. I popped a cricket in which wandered about a bit. The Spiderling took a few steps towards it, a few more, a very cautious couple more
steps and then pounced. She got it good and proper. Usually the crickets will fight, or at the very least resist and twitch - but this one didn't move
when she'd got it.
Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling skins   Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling skins next to Curly Hair Spiderling Skins
05.05.06 - Spiderling Skins
I have taken some comparative photos of the Spiderling skins. Note how small the curly Spiderling skin is!
08.05.06 - It's just not cricket..
You know when you have one of those day?... I had one of those days today feeding the Chilean Rose. The cricket I picked must have
been fed on dynamite. I've never seen one of the little blighters jump so much, or so high with the minimal of stimulus. Usually a prod
on the backside towards the spider means they wander about a bit, worse case scenario they wander in the wrong direction. This
cricket jumped. It jumped hard, it jumped fast and it jumped EVERYWHERE. It took a good ten minutes for it to finally make the mistake
of jumping into the jaws of the spider. Even then it was still twitching and the spider had to climb between the camera cartridge and the
side of the tank to avoid the desperate last kicks of the cricket.
12.05.06 - Not hungry...
Tried feeding the Spiderling a small cricket today but it wasn't having any of it.. The Spiderling came out its hidey hole to see what was
going on and the cricket walked right up to it, but the Spiderling just ignored it. I'm assuming it is going to shed within the next couple
of weeks or so. It is looking considerably smaller than the Curly Hair Spiderling, who last night had the biggest cricket I've ever seen.
16.05.06 - Shedding Spiderling
I think the Spiderling shed today. Although there was no skin to be seen, the Spiderling was very white!
19.05.06 - Eating Spider
Spiderling pounced on a cricket today. He was VERY hungry and wasted no time in devouring his prey. I found the shed skin in his little house!
22.05.06 - Eating Spiderling 2...
Although I'd only fed the Spiderling a couple of days ago - she seemed quite active and interested in things going on outside. I popped a
cricket in. The cricket jumped, but it made the mistake of jumping at the Spiderling and was quickly caught and eaten. The Spiderlings appetite
has increased significantly since shedding!
26.05.06 - Ever Hungry Spiderling...
Popped a cricket into the tank today. It didn't last a second. I wasn't sure how hungry the Spiderling would be as I only fed him a couple of
days ago - but the Spiderling didn't waste any time in going for and getting the cricket. As with the Curly Spiderling once the Chilean Rose
had got the cricket it did a little dance and then went into it's hidey hole.
04.06.06 - It's not cricket!
I went to the pet shop on Sunday to get some more crickets for my spids. After looking at all the other reptiles I asked for some medium
crickets. As usual, they didn't have any and would be getting some in on Tuesday (this magic day were crickets rain from the sky and spiders
rejoice. It's not the first time they've given this excuse and I often wonder why they don't simply buy more crickets if they keep on running out.
If they get a delivery once a week then the crickets don't die in a week.

Anyhow, I figured my spids were going to need feeding this week and so the chap asked me would I be interested in some locusts (as he
shifterly pulled a package from under the counter). The locusts are quite the most amazing little creatures I have seen in a long time.
They're white / yellow with very artistic camouflage. Their markings remind me of the arachnids in the Starship Troopers. They can also
jump considerably further than any cricket I've seen. I will take some pictures soon and post them on the BLOG.

I took one of the locusts out of the tank (well it jumped out, they're like that) and opened the Spiderlings tank. Next minute the locust jumps
again towards the tank and before it lands the spider has caught it in mid air and is happily chomping away. I was quite surprised. Didn't
think he'd be all that hungry!

Holding a Locust :: Schistocerca gregaria :: New Food for Spiderling
06.06.06 - The Locust...
I got one of the locusts out and had a hold. They are very strange little creatures. This one is one of the bigger individuals in the batch.
To my knowledge they don't bite (that is to say it didn't bite me when I was holding it) but they do have one hell of an appetite, a lot more
so than the crickets! The colourings are quite amazing and they have the ability to jump a foot or so when on my very slippy worktop. They
have the curious ability to stick to just about anything too, whereas the crickets were unable to climb the sides of their plastic houses - these
little beasts tend to spend a lot of time on the ceiling next to the air vents.

An amusing thing to do is surprise them. It only takes a couple of them to jump and then it kind of sets off a chain reaction were they are
knocking into each other which sets others off similar to a nuclear reaction. The tank's like a tin of popcorn - the simile is augmented by the
fact that they are yellow, moving at high speed and make a racket when their hard heads hit the side of the tank.

08.06.06 - The Spiderling
Fed Spiderling AGAIN today. She seems to like the locusts!
11.06.06 - Food for thought
I spoke too soon. Gave the Spiderling a locust and it attacked it and then let it go. It kept on following it round the tank but not actually doing
anything to it which was a bit weird. I took the cricket out. I assume it didn't get bitten as it is still alive after a couple of hours.
19.06.06 - Skin Shedding
The Spiderling appeared to have grown this morning! It had shed it's skin. As usual it is spending it's time in strange positions and
lying flat out. The colour hasn't come out yet but it does look at lot furrier.
22.06.06 - Hungry Spider!
I decided to have a got at feeding the Spiderling today. The locusts do not seem to jump about as much as the crickets when they are in the
tank. I popped one in and the Spiderling came over and had a look. Wandered up to it and grabbed it without a fight. As the Spiderling get bigger
the amount of time it takes for them to eat them reduces rapidly.
25.06.06 - More Food!
The Spiderling's appetite is very high. I fed her again today. Her hunting technique appears to have changed and become more relaxed. She
doesn't run around after the food any more. Instead she wanders up to the locusts and simply picks them up. I think it's because the way the
locusts don't go mad like the crickets do. I'm not sure why this is, they simply do not seem to put up any fight, or even jump. The crickets on the
other hand have a habit of just going totally nuts - jumping, running, kicking. Anything to try and get away. Non have made it mind, but they do
put up a damn good effort!

I've actually run out of food for the spiders at the moment. I'm not too sure what to get them next. The locusts have certainly gone down well!

27.06.06 - New Photo of the Chilean Rose Spiderling (Grammostola Rosea)
I haven't taken many photos of the Spiderling recently. One of the main reasons for this is because it's getting quick big - and when I start to
open the lid of the tank the Spiderling is quick to investigate what is going on and quite often tries to get out. I think it has learnt that when there
is a great deal of movement - then there is usually food on the way. A sort of invertebrate example of Pavlov's dogs - Spiderman's Spids!

The Spiderling has grown considerably since I last took a photo of him. I've been unable to get his shed skin out the tank too as he comes to
investigate when I do anything. When I pop my hand in he moves over rather rapidly and I'd rather not get bitten by it. The speed at which it can
move is also incredible and I am planning on getting a video of this to prove to people how fast these animals are. He was in his house facing
the wrong way and I blew on the top of the tank - in an instant (and I mean I didn't see it move) it came out and was ready to do whatever it was
planning on doing. I don't think it's an aggressive species as such - but it certainly is pretty much fearless and very curious as to what is going on
in it's local vicinity.

Photo of the Chilean Rose spiderling (Grammostola Rosea)
03.06.06 - Finally Fed
I haven't fed the spid for a couple of days. Ran out of crickets and couldn't get to the cricket shop! Finally got round to going at the weekend and bought
some locusts and crickets. Figure variety is the spice of life! Popped a locust in the tank and it was eaten barely before it hit the vermiculite!
05.06.06 - Feeding Again
Another day another cricket eaten.
10.06.06 - More feeding
Locusts are being consumed left right and centre.
Okay - so it wasn't the best idea - but I got home from work and decided that I would handle the Chilean Rose. I opened the tank and the Spiderling
didn't move much. So I got a bit of pasta spaghetti and brushed the floor. Because the Spiderling has created a thin layer of web over the vermiculite
it can sense what is going on in it's immediate environment.

The Spiderling moved over towards the pasta. I moved the pasta to the side of the tank and popped my hand there. The Spiderling started to
walk up the tank and onto to hand. I moved the pasta a bit more and the Spiderling got interested and moved right up to it. I thought okay here
he comes and started to withdraw the pasta. The Spiderling attacked the pasta fangs fully out and I saw the venom come out. Considering the
size of the Spiderling there is quite a lot of venom ejected. I can see why the crickets don't stand a chance as it must take up at least a quarter of
their body volume when injected.

Needless to say I moved my hand and the pasta and popped the lid back on. Although the Spiderling isn't very big and I don't think I would have
been bitten it is obvious that they are very aggressive to objects which are not even crickets. I assume that it may be something to do with the
Spiderlings limited experience of such things. In the wild there would be the learning curve of attacking objects which yielded no food - here the
only things which the spider has encountered which move are food. If anything it probably came as a bit of a surprise that the pasta was not
edible (for the Spiderling anyway)!

I fed the Spiderling soon afterwards with a cricket.

07.07.06 - Feeding Spiderling
Spiderling was fed today!
11.07.06 - More Food for Spiderling
Spiderling had a locust popped into the tank. As usual it approached the locust slowly and then pounced at the last second.
14.07.06 - Locusts go down well
Fed the Spiderling who was quite active yesterday. She was wandering around the tank quite a lot. The locust tried to jump and was caught
mid air by the Spiderling and quickly eaten.
27.07.06 - Not hungry
I've been away for a week so I'm not too sure if the person who was tasked to feed spids has fed them much - all I know is that they didn't
bother changing the crickets and they're all dead, along with my cactus... The Spiderling is not hungry at the moment though so I guess it is
going to shed it's skin soon.
30.07.06 - Shedding Spiderling
Spiderling has shed it's skin. It is looking a lot bigger than it was, and by that I mean the difference in size is massive. The Spiderling now
looks like a proper tarantula!
31.07.06 - New Home Creation
Okay - Spiderling now in his new home... Here's how I did it.

First off I've got two Spiderlings so I had to find a tank which could fit them both in AND be big enough for them to grow. This means I had to
split the tank in two. I'll post the tank measurements later but you'll see about how big it is in the following photos. The tank cost circa 15
pounds GB and came with a lid.

When I bought the tank I noticed there was a DIY shop over the road so I wandered in and asked them for Perspex. Luckily they had  an old
bit of cut off which I picked up for 2 pounds GB and this was some three times bigger than I needed. Make sure you don't get ripped off when
buying plastic - it's clear and three / four mm thick. You don't need anything special or branded (unless you want to get some funky coloured
acrylic - but note that this can be more expensive than the tank).

Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea :: Spiderling House :: Perspex and Template   Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea :: Template on Perspex :: Large Hacksaw and Workbench
Next you need to work out how big the tank divider will be. I popped the tank on it's end and drew round it on a piece of card. Remember
to take into around the fact the divider is going INSIDE the tank (i.e. minus the width of the glass from your drawing). Also take into
account the shape of the roof. Spiders and crickets are very good climbers, if there is a gap between the divider and the lid they may well
climb over - you don't want to have spider wars!

I used a large hacksaw (though you could probably use an electric saw) to roughly cut around my template. I did this on a workbench.

Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea :: Workbench and Safety Equipment with Bosch Whizzer   Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea :: Bosch Whizzer and Edge of Perspex
Once the Perspex was roughly the correct size and shape I used a Bosch Disk Sander (I prefer to call them whizzers) to get a more
accurate edge to the Perspex. The best way I found to do this was to place the plastic in two pieces of wood and clamp them together
using the workbench. I then whizzed the plastic down until it was up to the cardboard template. The whizzer is very fast and although
it looks like there is quite a lot of plastic to remove it took a matter of seconds. At this stage it is best to take your time as making a
mistake now could be costly. Note: You must use the correct safety equipment when doing this as bits of plastic are flying everywhere!

Once the plastic was roughly the right shape and size I took it out and tried to fit it in the tank. I'd been a bit generous with my
measurements as it's better to have the plastic a bit bigger and cut it down than a bit smaller. If it didn't fit I whizzed it again and repeated
until it fitted.

I then used varying grades of sandpaper (or glass paper) to take the edge off the plastic and to shape the top so it fitted snugly into the
lid of the tank.

Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea :: Perspex Divider in Tank Showing how it is attached and shape for the roof to fit   Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea :: Spiderling House with Spiderlings and heat mate - lid not shown Photo
The picture above shows how I attached the plastic divider to the tank. I'd spent some time wondering about this and had come up
with all sorts of ideas involving plastic extructions and glue - in the end I figured I was making the solution far too complicated and
opted for clipping in the plastic. This way you don't need to worry about poisoning the spiders with glue (some are highly toxic) and
if I want to remove / adjust the diver at a later date it will take a matter of seconds.

The vermiculite was added next (this also adds to the stability of the plastic divider) as was some water. I popped the Spiderling into
the tank (as above) and then removed the lids.

01.08.06 - Wandering Spiderling
The Spiderling has been doing a lot of exploring today. Almost as soon as I'd opened the lid it became curious and started to wander
about - though it had a bit of a problem getting over the side of the old spider house. In the end it climbed onto the plant pot and
scooted down the side.

In the morning the Spiderling had spun strands of silk all over the place. It was hiding behind the plant pot and every so often would
climb the side of the tank and then wander back down again.

I popped a locust in the tank and the Spiderling caught it quickly and then hid again.

I've removed the old tank from the Spiderlings new house now.

02.08.06 - More wandering
I popped a piece of pasta into the tank today and the Spiderling ran at it like a bat out of hell. It appears that is has covered the floor
of the tank now with it's silk so it can tell of approaching creatures. I then popped a locust in - it's weird the spider didn't pounce on it.
It just wandered up to it, popped it's legs on the locust and then picked it up. No struggle, no dramatic swift jumping spiders or running
around - almost like the locust wanted to be eaten and the Spiderling grudgingly accepted.
03.08.06 - Walkabout
Spiderling has been enjoying it's freedom these past few days. Are Chilean Rose arboreal? I didn't think so! She spends a lot of her
time climbing up the side of the tank and then walking about and then down again. I guess having an extra dimension to walk in
makes the tank even bigger in a way.

I popped a small cricket into the tank which the Curly Hair Spiderling didn't want and the Spiderling literally caught it in mid air and
had a chomp. It's appetite is fierce as!

05.08.06 - Feeding!
Fed the Spiderling again. It's fine mesh of silk over the vermiculite offering the perfect early warning system for food!
07.08.06- More Feeding!
At this rate the Spiderling is going to eat me out of house and home. It's always hungry!
10.08.06 - Feeding Again
The Chilean Rose Spiderling appears to be the most hungry little devil I've ever seen. Every time I feed her, she eats! She was fed
again today!
12.08.06 - More Scoffing
The Spiderling is still hungry!
15.08.06 - Flying Locusts
Because the Spiderling has covered the entire floor of the tank in a fine layer of web, the locusts find it very hard to move about. The
web is actually quite thick and literally covers everything. The locust jumped out of my hand today and the Spiderling caught it while
sitting on the plant pot before it landed!

As with my Curly Spiderling BLOG I have even managed to sort out a spell check.... So this BLOG should make a  bit more sense!

16.08.06 - Changing the BLOG?
Spiderling hasn't been doing much really other than wandering about the tank, and occasionally coming to look to see what I am
up to in the kitchen.

As with my Curly Spiderling BLOG I'm thinking about changing the format / colours etc. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on this
please use the form on the contact page.

21.08.06 - Hungry Hairy Spiderling
The Spiderling's appetite is somewhat of a mystery to me. It doesn't really do anything, and yet it is ALWAYS hungry!? Is it possible to
overfeed a Spiderling? It looks like I'm about to find out.
Chilean Rose spiderling also know as Grammostola Rosea in the UK Eating
22.08.06 - Still Eating
The Spiderling is still eating like a trouper. It spends quite a lot of it's time standing at the front of the tanking watching me cook.
I think it might be aware now that when I open the lid to the tank it is going to be fed (as opposed to me trying it eat it).
23.08.06 - Growing fatter!
I'm still not sure if it's possible to over feed a spider so I am feeding the Spiderling as much as possible.  I assume it will stop
eating when it is no longer hungry. It's eaten three days on the trot now without showing any sign of stopping! I'm not about tonight
to feed it, but will see if it's still hungry tomorrow!
25.08.06 - More Feeding
The Spiderling is still eating whatever I give it. I fed it a big juicy locust today. The web seems to be very effecive and not only do the
locusts get stuck in it, they also pinpoint the exact location of the prey to the predator. If you look on the picture above you can see
where the Spiderling caught a locust as it jumped onto the plant pot. The black mark is the Spiderlings venom (I assume it is the
venom as this is the same colour as the venom when the Curly Spiderling has missed its prey.
Close Up Photo Of Tarantula Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea)
26.08.06 - Feeding Again
The Spiderling is still eating and showing no sign of stopping or slowing down. I don't think she is hiding the locust corpses anywhere.
29.08.06 - Still Eating
I took the photo of the Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) just before I fed her. Although she doesn't react in the same way to scratching
on the side of the tank (I don't think she can sense it like she used to be able to do on the plastic) she does still come and see what is
going on when there is movement in the kitchen.
Close up Photograph of Medium Silent Cricket
01.09.06 - Crunchy Silent Crickets
I decided to up the game a bit this weekend and purchase some larger crickets. I went for one's titled 'Medium Silent Crickets'.
These are about two or three times bigger than any cricket I've fed the spider before. Though the locusts are quite big, they are mostly leg.
The crickets are fat and round and scurry about very fast as well as sometimes jumping (the locusts only really jump and can not move
very fast otherwise).

The crickets aren't actually silent to be honest. I was bringing them home in the car and I could hear the little fellas singing away to
each other in the back. They're not very loud, and you can happily read or watch TV with them singing - but I doubt you'll be too happy
if they were in your bedroom. Then again I was sitting there reading my book with the crickets chirping away in the background and
it did remind me of being on  holiday in Continental Europe - but without the blue skies, bikini clad women and humid drunken evenings...

Okay, so it was nothing like being on holiday.

I popped one of the the crickets in with the Chilean Rose Spiderling and it pounced on it straight away. The noise wasn't very nice, a
kind of crunching as the Spiderling wrestled with it. Still it seemed happy enough.

I asked the guy in the shop about if it was possible to overfeed the Spiderlings as I have been feeding them almost non stop the
last two weeks. He suggested that it wasn't possible to overfeed them as they simply will not eat if they are not hungry. He actually
suggested putting a couple of the crickets or locusts into the tank at a time - I've not done this, nor am I going to do this as I think it
might stress the Spiderling out. I can see it being fine in the wild as the Spiderling can walk away if there are too many crickets
pestering it - but in closed environment there is no where for the Spiderling to hid or go where the crickets cannot follow.

The chap in the shop said that it was a good idea to feed the Spiderlings on a mix of foods as the crickets contains lots of moisture
(which the Spiderling needs as it doesn't really drink) and the locusts contain lots of 'goodness'.

04.09.06  - Low Fat High Fibre Diet
I decided to feed the Spiderling again today. I gave it a great big juicy female which jumped as soon as I put it into the tank. It makes
me wonder sometimes as it jumped right into the Spiderlings jaws - as an evolutionary escape mechanism, I've not yet seen a
cricket actually jump away from the Spiderling...
Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling with Cricket Photo   Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling feeding on a Cricket Photo
The Spiderling (as usual) wandered about with the cricket in it's mouth for a bit and then went into it's plant pot. The cricket was still
moving a good tens minutes after it had been caught (I assume something to do with the calcium ion channels still firing in it's muscles
as it should have been long since dead. The Spiderling popped the cricket down, covered it in some web (though not like you see garden
spiders do with their thick envelope) and then picked it up again in it's mouth.
05.09.06 - More Feeding
I wondered if the Spiderling could possibly be hungry today so I gave him another cricket. Once again, somehow she found space for it...

I'm assuming that the Spiderling is actually going to be massive when it next sheds. No doubt I'll have to put it in another tank soon.
06.09.06 - Still Eating
Fed the Spiderling a nice big juicy cricket again
07.09.06 - Two Houses
The Spiderling has moved it's two plant pots together so the larger apertures are touching. I've no idea how the Spiderling managed to do
this but it did it at night. It has also started to join the plant pots together with silk. Both the upper surfaces are covered in a fine layer of silk
and the Spiderling has made areas of the silk cross from one plant pot to the other. Near the substrate the Spiderling has spun excessive
amounts of silk making a little barrier.

I fed the Spiderling another large cricket. It picked it off with a minor struggle. Because the Spiderling is getting quite big and is still very
fast the crickets don't really have a chance.

11.09.06 - Another Hiding Spiderling
The Spiderling has been spending a lot of it's time weaving more web across from one plant pot to the other. I've tried feeding it but it is
not eating and it's spending a lot of time in it's new nest. I am still making the assumption that it will shed soon as this is classic
Spiderling shedding tactics! That is, stop eating and hide!
15.09.06 - The Builders
Always prepare for the worst. Always. The Spiderling has decided to shed when I have got the builders coming tomorrow and I need to move
the tank so it doesn't get damaged. Typical! Any other day would have been fine but the Spiderling has decided that this would be the best time
to undergo it's delicate and complicated metamorphosis. I managed to delay moving the tank to the last minute and luckily the Spiderling
had shed it's skin and was hiding so I haven't seen it.
19.09.06 - Exploring
The Spiderling has been out exploring it's environment today. It's massive, but still not eating.
28.09.06 - Food!
Spiderling ate today at last! It didn't seem in any hurry and just wandered over to the cricket and kinda picked it up!
29.09.06 - More Food!
Fed Spiderling again today! Seems to be up to his old tricks of eating all it can again!!!! It has started to excavate a little hole by it's plant pot
and spends quite a lot of time down there!
30.09.06 - Still Feeding
I popped another cricket in today and the Spiderling ate it straight away.
Spiderling :: Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea Feeding on a Cricket   Spiderling :: Chilean Rose :: Grammostola Rosea Vivarium Example
01.10.06 - Food Glorious Food
The Spiderling is still taking in the food. It's abdomen has grown considerably since shedding as it absorbs the crickets.
02.10.06 - More Food
The Spiderling has returned to normal. Eating all the time! Never getting full.
03.10.06 - Another Cricket Another Day!
The Spiderling has been roaming around quite a lot lately. It's getting quite big, but this hasn't seemed to slow it down. If anything it's
getting faster as it gets bigger. When I fed the Spiderling today it caught the cricket mid air. Still not sure how they do this!
10.10.06 - More Crickets
The larger crickets I have bought don't half chirp a lot - but at least it didn't say on the packet that they were silent crickets like the last
lot I bought which made a noise!
15.10.06 - Feeding
The Spiderling is still hungry unlike the Curly Hair Spiderling. I keep on feeding it and it keeps on eating!
17.10.06 - More Food
The cricket got stuck in some random web which the Spiderling has been spinning recently. The Spiderling had to go up to the web and
pluck the cricket out!
20.10.06 - Watering
The Spiderling ate again today. I bought a water sprayer from B and Q today as I'm aware that the Spiderlings may not be getting as much
water as they should. The mister works really well spraying the sides (I've been popping water in by the heat pad and letting it evaporate and
then condense on the colder sides of the tank previously). I've come to the conclusion that a sprayer gives me greater control - though I
did spray the Spiderling by accident when it had the cricket and it was not impressed. It ran as fast as it could (with a mouth full of cricket) into
one of it's flower pots! and sulked.
25.10.06 - Dreams
I had the strangest dream last night that the Spiderling walked out of it's tank, up my arm and onto my head. Where it bit me. It was
not pleasant and really has put me off picking it up. The Spiderling has been roaming the tank a little bit. The weather is getting
colder though here in the UK so the Spiderling has spent quite a lot of it's time sitting near the heat pad.
31.10.06 - Not Doing Much
The Spiderling has been spending most of it's time not doing a great deal and sitting next to it's heat pad. Like the Curly Hair I assume
it's going to shed soon. When I tried putting a cricket in the other day it went to investigate but didn't bother trying to eat it.
02.11.06 - Fit
The Spiderling hasn't been doing much recently. It spends most of it's time hiding my the plant pot next to the heat mat.

I took the lid off to day and the Spiderling didn't do anything for a moment and then had a fit trying to hide somewhere. I'm not too
sure why. It's not usually all that bothered about when I take the lid off. I thought that it may have been asleep or something and I
woke it up?! I assume they sleep and as they haven't got eyelids there's no way of me telling that they are awake or not.

I popped a cricket into the tank and the Spiderling went to have a look (it is the most curious creature I have ever encountered
considering the size of it) but it didn't want to eat. I removed the cricket and the Spiderling went and hid in it's plant pot.

10.11.06 - BIG Spiderling
I got home at lunch time today to find the Spiderling upside down. It had made a sort of nest outside it's plant pots using large amounts of
webs and was just lying there. I left it be, when Spiders die they don't go on their backs. I've been trying to work out how it turns over, if it
climbs up something then flops or if it can actually turn itself. If anyone knows, please send me an email from the contact page!

After finishing work in the evening I checked the Spiderling and it looked considerably bigger and was the right way up. The shed skin
couldn't be seen and I haven't disturbed the Spiderling looking for it. I will leave it for a couple of days before doing this.

11.11.06 - Shed Skin
The Spiderling has moved it's shed skin from wherever it was hiding it. As you can see it has made a nest in which it shed
it's skin. I am assuming the silk protects the Spiderling from the ground and insects accidentally wandering in and disturbing
it when it is shedding. The Chilean Rose web does not appear to be used to specifically catch the prey, but I am certain it is used to
alert the Spiderling at to where it is.
Chilean Rose Spider Tarantula Just Shed its skin
15.11.06 - Curious Big Spiderling
The Spiderling hasn't been doing much at all over the past couple of days. It's been sitting in it's nest next to the heat pad and wasn't
taking any crickets.

 I spotted that she was in her plant pot today and decided to take a chance and pop a large hopper in. The Spiderling ever curious came
out for a look and placed it's hands on the hopper. It stopped. The hopper moved and the Spiderling attacked. I guess after at least three
weeks the Spiderling was a bit hungry! It took the hopper back into the plant pot and proceeded to eat it there. I'm going to have to get
some more insects to feed the Spiderlings as I am running low. I've been having a think - are there any bigger insects I can feed it?
I think the large hoppers were the largest life food the shop had!

Sub Adult Chilean Rose Grammostola Rosea with web
17.11.06 - More Food
The Spiderling has regained it's appetite and is happily eating again. I fed it my last locust today. As you can see from the image I
have removed the Spiderling old skin. Sometimes they guard it with a passion, other times they chuck it out of where they are nesting
almost immediately.
22.11.06 - Feed Me
The Spiderling has been wandering about it's tank quite a lot. Though I think it's favourite place is next to the heat pad. Maybe I should
consider getting a more powerful one? I need to get some more crickets fairly quickly
23.11.06 - Crickets Galore
I decided to try out another pet shop today for crickets. Poulton Aquatics. They've got a good selection of food and a really good
selection of animals (from fluffy cute rabbits to fluffy spiders). I bought some singing black crickets and some size four locusts. It's quite
handy actually. This pet shop grades their food so you can say which size you want in a number. The locusts go up to six so I'm
thinking about getting some of those next time - the Spiderlings will love having a fight with those.

The Spiderling came over to investigate what I was doing (I was pushing the locust about with my wooden pointed). The
Spiderling got hold of the pointer and looked like it was about to eat it. I kept it very still and it got bored and wandered off.
The Spiderling is quite strong considering it's size - I could feel the strength when it was pulling at the skewer. In the end
the Spiderling got the locust, but it was another lesson that I'm not going to put my fingers near him when he is hungry. They
MUST hunt almost entirely on feel as the skewer isn't even remotely like any of it's natural prey or the prey it has been used
to when I have been feeding it.

25.11.06 - Food
Fed the Spiderling again. It's still a hungry little fellow. I do need to change him soon. Might do it this week. Just don't want to get bitten
or have him escape and me chase round after him!
01.12.06 - 1 Year old... Nearly
Well the blog has been up for nearly a year now and many thanks to all who have read and written in about it. Thanks to
Mark (I did email you back but your email address doesn't seem to exist) too who suggested the use of Wax Worms to
feed the Spiderlings. I'm looking into that and I've emailed the people at the website you sent over.

I've been slowly going through the blog too and correcting typo errors. This will probably take ages. I also believe I need to change the white
text on black background as it's hard to read. But.. it is kind of a brand now so I don't really want to!

I have this nasty feeling that the Spiderling can pretty much handle anything I can give it, maybe bar people. But it's had a go at me a couple of times
so it's certainly fearless considering it's probably equivalent to me having a fight with an oil tanker (that is the first and last time I'll ever be
compared to an oil tanker).

I still need to change the vermiculite of the Spiderling. No doubt I'll do it this weekend at some point. I've been trying to work out if the Spiderling
is classed as vicious or if it just doesn't differentiate between food and moving objects. I've yet to put my hand in for any length of time and find out.
It might be a sub adult thing I guess and when it's a bit older it'll mature and become less aggressive...?

Apparently the locusts are called Schistocerca Gregaria and are desert locusts orginating from around the Middle East. Isn't Google a wonderful thing!?

04.01.07 - Happy New Year!
Well, it's been a hectic few weeks here what with Xmas and all the parties etc which occur about this time of year... I'll be filling in more of the
blog in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back soon!
Large Hi res Image of Chilean Rose Grammostola Rosea Spider
05.01.07 - Bigger Spider
The Spiderling hasn't been eating as much recently. It's dug under it's piece of bark and spends quite a lot of time there.
29.01.07 - Spiderling Diaries
Winter has arrived in the UK with dropping temperatures and lots of harsh weather (at last)! I've been checking my heat
pad behind the Spiderlings quite a lot to make sure that it's still on. It's strange though at the Spiderling has spent a
great deal of it's time on the side of the tank AWAY from the heat and behind the bark. It's as though it's too hot for it.

The last week or so has also seen the Spiderling hiding underneath the bark. All you can see is his feet sticking out
the bottom. He  no longer goes into his plant pot except to eat.

The brown crickets I have been giving him recently (he hasn't been very hungry) have the ability to jump quickly and
great distances. They're also very slippery so are quite hard to pick up. I nearly lost one the other day in the kitchen
underneath the washing machine. I've not moved so quickly in ages getting the washing machine out in one swift move
and grabbing the startled cricket who obviously though that he was safe in the dark. No chance!

I thought that the Spiderling might have mites, but I haven't been able to see any on him. There are a couple of white
specks, but I think these are bits of vermiculite. I'm going to keep a close eye on the little fella though to make sure. I
believe mites come about when there is an excess of dead food left about. I never leave any dead crickets in the tank
and only ever feed the spider one cricket at a time.

07.02.07 - Grammostola Rosea Spiderling Sitting
The Spiderling hasn't been doing much lately. It seems to spend most of its time sitting on the bark and watching
me cook - unless I drop something like a pan and then it runs off and hides in the plant pot.
12.03.07 - Still sitting Spiderling
The Spiderling still hasn't eaten. I've tried on numerous occasions to give him some locusts and although it goes
over to see what they are and follows them about it still hasn't eaten any of them.

As with the Curly Spiderling I expect it will shed in the next couple of days (probably some time this week). Their
shedding seems to have synchronised which is quite interesting.

I did find a mite the other day in a wetter part of the tank. I'm not too sure if there are any more, but I'll keep an eye
out for them!

26.03.07 - Digging Spiderling
The Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea) Spiderling has not been a great digger. Today however it appears to have
excavated underneath its piece of bark. The last few days it's been spending a great deal of time under there hiding
and the next minute it's
dug a bloody great big hole which I'm rather impressed with.

The Spiderling is still not interested in food - though it is interested in anything in it's tank. As usual it goes over and
explores anything new but simply does not eat the locust... No doubt it'll be shedding soon....

Although I don't think I've mentioned it before I regularly spray the sides of the tank with water (though I avoid spraying
the Spiderling directly as it doesn't like the water at all).

25.04.07 - Not eating
The Spiderling still hasn't eaten anything. It's been months since it last had a bite to eat. It's been doing a lot of
digging though.
04.05.07 - Digging Again
The Spiderling isn't hungry. I tried feeding it last night but it wasn't having any of it. The cricket ran in and then hid - it
was a real pain in the arse trying to get it out again.

The Spiderling has been doing a lot of digging though again. I'm thinking about changing the tank tonight... Should
be interesting...! I'm tempted to pick it up as if it's not hungry I assume it's not going to bite me unless it feels threatened.
Famous last words.

07.05.07 - All Change!
I decided to change the Spiderlings tank, clean it out, and add new vermiculite. I popped the Spiderling in a plant pot
(he wandered in okay) and then removed all the vermiculite I could and gave the tank a good scrub. The glass is a
lot cleaner now.

I then popped a good couple of inches of vermiculite in and then the bark (washed in boiling water). I put it at a
different angle this time. I gave the tank a quick spray of water and then popped the Spiderling back in.

08.05.07 - Food at last!
I left the Spiderling to settle for a day and then tried giving it some food! It finally ate a cricket. After about 8 weeks of fasting!
06.08.07 - Quiet Spiderling
The Spiderling has been quite quiet. Recently I have changed the substrate to peat and vermiculite mix which I will
photograph and post here on the website
15.08.07 - More Food
The Spiderling seems to have started to eat again after months of not wanting food. I fed her a locust and it wandered
up to it and ate it.
20.08.07 - More eating
The Spiderling ate another locust today. Though it also decided to move it's bark. I've no idea how it picked it up and
turned it over!?
Chilean Spiderling with new peat substrate
Okay crisis management appears to be my forte. I got back to my flat after a weekend away and found the Spiderlings
tank lid off. On closer inspection I realized the Spiderling wasn't in the tank which meant it had escaped.

Luckily I figured it would not have got very far. Spiders like dark places and are not known for their ability to fly. A warm
dark place was the most likely place to find the little fella. I looked down on the floor and there was the Spiderling
looking up at me.

I popped her in a little box and then put her back in the tank. She didn't move for a long time (12 hours or so). I thought
that there might have been something wrong with her (they have a tendency to burst if dropped or break legs). I've no
idea how she got from the kitchen surface to the floor and I've no idea why the other Spiderling didn't make a run for it either!?

18.09.2007 - Hungry Spiderling
The Spiderling has eaten today. It has also been doing a lot of digging. Somehow it had managed to move it's bark
out the way but I put that back. It's got a nice little nest now to hide in.
22.09.2007 - Ignoring Food
The Spiderling ignored the cricket I dropped in the tank the other day, and then the cricket hid and I couldn't get to it.
24.09.2007 - Cricket Hiding
The cricket is still hiding and every so often makes an appearance. Still can't get to it and the Spiderling has
started to spin webs!
28.09.2007 - Dead Good
I think the cricket is dead. But I can't get to it as the Spiderling has made a proper little nest!
29.09.2007 - Shedded Out!
The Spiderling has shed his skin! That's why he didn't eat and that's why he made a nest. The Spiderling is
hiding and not come out.
03.10.2007 - Still Hiding
The Spiderling has been moving about his nest (the skin has moved) but not come out. Or at least I haven't seen it
wandering about like it usually is; investigating this, investigating that!
The Chilean Rose spiderling Hiding in its nest with lots of web   The Chilean Rose Spiderling coming out of nest
08.10.2007 - Exploring Spiderling
I think the Spiderling has grown in size, but it's hard to tell. It finally came out of it's nest at the weekend to see what was going
on. As you can see from the image above the Spiderling's skin (which I have removed) is very brittle and breaks up easily. The
Spiderling wasn't hungry when I tried to feed it a locust (or grasshopper as my mate calls them)!
Eating Locusts - 12.10.2007
The Spiderling ate! It zoomed out it's hidie hole and ate a locust I'd popped in.

Below is a picture of the Spiderling when it had escaped the other week! And yes, I like candy floss! I've still no idea how it got on the floor!

Chilean Rose Escaping in the kitchen!
Well Fed Spider - 20.12.2007
The spider is eating a lot again now. I has been moving about and I bought some black crickets last week to feed it.

Winter is here and the days are cold - luckily the heat pad keeps the spider warm but it never seems to spend much time next to it.

Chilean Rose Spider hunting a cricket   Grammostola Rosea Spider
10.03.08 - Larger Spider
The Spiderling has eaten a couple of crickets since I last wrote in the blog. Not many though. It didn't really like the large flying
locusts, though it did eat one.

I've bought a digital thermometer and a hydrometer for the tank so I can monitor the temperature and the amount of water in
the air (humidity). The hydrometer has fallen off the side of the tank and is on the peat and reading 100 percent humidity.

Personally I would not recommend the Exo Terra hydrometer - and invest in a digital one.

Large High Res Image of a Chilean Rose Tarantula
04.02.09 - Spider Still Going Strong
It's been nearly a year since I last updated the blog. The spider hasn't shed in all this time so I assume it's an adult. It
is still eating though and is as curious as ever.

I've updated the blog with a couple of additional features. Remember to contact me if you have any questions. I always
enjoy hearing about your own spiders!

23.02.09 - Chilean Rose Close Up Photograph
As the spider gets older it seems to move about less in the daytime and more at night. I'm thinking about popping some
more objects in the tank for it to explore, probably some bark. It hasn't been interested at all in the plant pot and I think that
they really do prefer smaller enclosures to bigger ones. Note on the photo below the web which allows the spider to 'hear'
where the cricket is pretty much anywhere in the tank.
chilean rose spider close up shot
18.05.2011 - Do Chilean Rose spiders drink?
The spider continues to move about. I have noticed if I don't spray the tank for a while and then spray the side of the tank with a none mist setting (so the water dribbles down the side) the spider will actually go up to the water, press his mouth against the glass and drink. Awesome!
It's been ages since I last updated the blog, but you'll be glad to know the spiderling is fully grown and happy enough.
chilean rose tarantula
Check out this video of a chilean rose spiderling eating. Chilean Rose Spiderling eating.
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